This post covers one of the most creative and fun ways you can make money from home. We'll cover the whole process on how you can make anything from $200/m to 10K/m passive income per journal/planner selling on Amazon's Print-on-Demand system.

Best thing about this online business is that it is truly location independent type and you can sell planners no matter where you live, and sell on one or all Amazon stores around the world.  

How to Make Money Selling Journals and Planners

Great thing about selling journals and planners is that anyone can do this! You do not need to purchase expensive software or apps or go to design school for years. You can create all necessary files in Word, PowerPoint, Google Apps, Canva and other free / inexpensive tools available. 

In short, here's the process of publishing planners and journals:

1. Find topic / niche for your journal
2. Create interior pages (or puchase done-for-you templates)
3. Create cover (crucial for sales!)
4. Upload interior and cover to Amazon
5. Wait for Amazon Payment!

It is literally that simple! There is no need to worry about customer service, no need to pile hundreds of planners in your bedroom - everything is handled by Amazon!

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3 steps to your first low content book booklet

Benefits of selling journals and planners

  • No inventory needed (Amazon prints your planner only when sold)
  • No start up cost
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Sell on world's largest marketplace
  • Passive income - create once, sell forever
  • Learn a new skill 🙂

As you can see it is truly one of the easiest online business to start!

Journal & Planner Ideas

Here are couple of planner and journal ideas:

  • Prayer journal
  • Recipe book
  • Annual planner
  • Student planner
  • Marketing tracker
  • Fishing tracker
  • and hundreds of others!

Know What People Are Looking to Buy

In order to get sales, you'll need to create planners and journals people are looking for. But don't worry, it is easy to find out!

Head over to Amazon and start typing in the search box...

... and Amazon tells you exactly what people search for!

Next step is to check what type of notebooks and journals are already on Amazon to see how your could be different.

While you are doing research, keep record of ideas that comes to your mind. 

Ideally, you should find a niche/area that has high search volume and low number of current planners. Honestly, these are hard to find but do not get discouraged as there is plenty of space for new sellers!

How to Create Planner / Journal

Ok, now you have three options.
1. Create it yourself
2. Purchase a template
3. Hire designer to do it for you.

There is no right or wrong answer here - everyone has different situation and needs. Jet is a designer and she creates all interior pages and covers herself. Nina is not a designer but owns a marketing agency and has a design team who creates interior pages and covers for her publishing business.

No matter which you choose to do, keep your focus on the most important part of the creation process - the cover!

Covers literally make or break your publishing business.  

It does not matter how awesome your interior pages are if you cover is not attractive to the target audience. They'll never see it as they'll click on another cover near yours.

If you'd like to see how Jet creates a daily planner with Canva, watch out below video.

Click to play

Upload your new planner/journal to Amazon

Once you have your interior page and cover file ready, it is time to head over to Amazon and upload your very first KDP low content book!

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