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Learn How to Profit with Easy to Create Printables 

even if you don't ANY design or tech experience

This is the SIMPLEST way to start making money with printables and low content products!

What if you could get your idea into reality within an hour and as simple as possible?

- NO inventory required
- NO start up cost
- NO design skills required
- NO endless social media posting

This is what Amazon KDP Print-on-Demand Offers Enables us to make $$$$ / m passively!

This is the Super Simple Process

Create Your Products 
DIY OR from Easy to Edit Templates
Upload 2x PDF-files to Amazon & Sell to Global Audience without lifting a finger
Amazon Prints & Ships Your Product when SOLD

If you've been looking for the BEST SIDE HUSTLE

that allows you to have....

- stress-free side hustle
- to earn $$$$ per month in passively
- hassle and hustle free income without any inventory or need for complex marketing
- start fast and easy
- invest in your future self and financial freedom

You just found it!

start your side hustle in 3 simple steps

Edit Templates

When you join the community you get access to our tested templates that you can edit as you like. 

Step by Step Tutorials

We explain each step to the tee and walk you through every possible scenario that you may come across. 

Q&A / Training Calls

Still got questions? No problem. Join the monthly live calls to get your questions answered. 

Join the community and learn how you can create your first product in LESS THAN A DAY and have it making you money TOMORROW!

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"My biggest takeaway is that you don't need to be a pro designer to create something nice in 10 minutes."

- Peter

The Struggle to Start Online Business is REAL... but we are here to help you do this without Design or Tech problems!

Low – or even no – content books are the BEST way start an online business.

Imagine creating a notebook where you literally provide a document with 100 unlined pages that people can write in. Just that, plus designaing a cover. Nothing more needed.

Once you learn the process, you can easily create planners, calendars and schedulers and just about any other kind of book you can imagine.

  1. 1
    NO special tech skills, writing ability or design expertise.
  2. 2
    ZERO paid advertising, marketing efforts or follow-up.
  3. 3
    NO up-front investment (unless you want to invest in special tools).

You get How to Training & Done-For-You Templates to mix and match as you wish!

Join the Community and Easily Create Products like below:

What's Included the Community

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Monthly LIVE Q&A Call

Join Nina's live Q&A call to discuss how to improve your business and get accountability to get things done. Beat procrastination and Get Things Done!

Monthly Done-For-You Templates

Skip the design from scratch and use our templates for your journals and planners - simple!

Monthly Trainings

Learn how to design better and faster with Jet's design tutorials covering Canva and other design programs. Learn how to create extra passive income streams with Etsy, Creative Market and how to market on Pinterest.

You'll also get this valuable planned monthly workshops:

Planned Training 1: Etsy 101 Training 

Learn how to sell your work on Etsy - the second best place to sell your creations.

Planned Training 2: Digital Planner Workshop

Learn how to create super popular digital planners and sell these to iPad owners!

Planned Training 3: Creative Market 101

Learn how to sell your designs to other creators with Creative Market and add third passive income stream to your bank accoun.t

Planned Training 4: Pinterest Training

Pinterest is full of people searching for your planner & journal - this workshop covers how to optimize your pins to be found by people actively shopping right now.

Imagine having EVERYTHING you need to launch your Online Business!

Feedback from our Community:


My biggest takeaway is that you don't need to be a pro designer to create something nice in 10 minutes.


The biggest takeaway from this lesson is that it is easier to make the covers in Canva than some of the other programs. I really liked how easy and quick it was.


A cover doesn't have to be complex to sell well. It has to be clear and well designed so it can appeal to as many future customers as possible.

All you need to Edit ANY of the Community Templates is a FREE Canva Account!

Best of all you'll get a FREE Canva tutorial by Jet!

Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. 1
    Requires NO tech skills, writing ability or design expertise.
  2. 2
    Simple to use and edit - includes tutorial
  3. 3
    Quality design from sellers who have made $$$$ selling online
  4. 4
    Free lifetime updates
  5. 5
    Guaranteed Support

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Here's what happens next... Once you enter your details, we'll send you the Template pack right away! Then you only need to import it into your Canva account, edit, download and earn income!

Here's what you could be selling right now:

  • Daily Planner
  • Password Tracker (best seller!)
  • Recipe Book
  • Food diary
  • Gratitude diary
  • Monthly Planner
  • Income Tracker
  • Reading journal
  • and many, many more best sellers!


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You missed out!

About The Course Teachers, Jet & Nina

Yes, you get not just one teacher but TWO! How awesome is that :)

We'll hold your hand in this new adventure and help you with every step. Jet's expertise is design, Nina's keywords so between the two of us we cover everything you need to know about KDP publishing. 

On top of being teachers in the course, we are friends and digital nomads and met on a bus from Thailand to Laos many years ago.

We Answer Questions like...

Here’s what people are saying about the Jet & Nina

My biggest takeaway is that you don't need to be a pro designer to create something nice in 10 minutes.


This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use.


Frequently asked questions

Can I really make money with Amazon KDP / Printables?

Yes, absolutely! But just like any business, you need to learn the process first, then start scaling the business.

When do I get access to the membership?

Immediately after checkout! You'll receive an email with login details and you can access the templates and trainings right away. You'll also get new training each month as long as you are a member.

What's the refund policy?

You can sign up to the Community today and if you do not get any value within 7 days, you can email us and get full refund.

Can I use templates more than once?

Absolutely! They are yours to keep and edit as you wish!

Can you tell more about coaching and trainings you offer?

Our resident designer Jet will help you with anything related to design and creation. Our resident coach Nina will help you with anything related to marketing and selling.

So you get best of both worlds: design and business knowledge.

Jet has years of graphic design experience and she was making planners before Nina even knew those could be done :) Nina on the other hand has been coaching and consulting small businesses for over a decade.

Do I need to write a book?

Absolutely NOT! Low content means journals, planners and trackers - not traditional books. There is not need to be a writer to succeed with this type of product.

Can't I just do this by myself?

Yes, you can learn a lot from Youtube. But what's missing are two key components: Ability to ask Questions and Accountability. Courses without opportunity to ask questions are collecting digital dust as they leave you with more questions than asnwers.

Not this one!

We have monthly Q&A call that you can join live or watch recording. You can submit your questions anytime during the month.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, you can join today and cancel within first 7 days of joining and you'll get your money back without questions. If you join today, you'll join in at a discounted rate and save.

How do I make money and do I have to pay anything?

The beauty of Amazon is that there is no start up cost! You only "pay" when your product is purchased by a customer. In fact you don't pay anything, Amazon pays you! :) 

Can I make money with Amazon still in 2023?

YES! Amazon is not going away anything soon - nor are their customers! 

There is a way to make money faster with Amazon and that is what we can help you with in two ways. Keep you accountable that you do take action and help you along the way by answering your questions. 

When can I start making money with my product?

Immediately once it has been uploaded KDP and approved by Amazon. You see step-by-step tutorial on this so you'll know exactly what to do.

Can I sell also on Etsy, Creative Market and similar sites?

For sure! You could be uploading your creation to Amazon and then create a digital version of your product and upload it to Etsy and other marketplaces. We have masterclasses planned on Etsy and Creative Market so you are in good company!