Start a Profitable Online Publishing Empire Without Any Prior Design Experience

You can create an online journal or notebook today and have it earning money for you tomorrow!

That’s right, a profitable online publishing business is just around the corner. And don’t worry, you don’t need design skills or writing experience to succeed.

We’re talking about low-content books that take very little time to produce. You can go from idea generation to sales within a day or two.

You have literally nothing… zero… nada to lose and so much to win

There are some important steps you need to take to succeed, but don’t worry. They are not difficult to learn and we’re ready to show you everything you need know. 

Is your life a bit like this right now?

You are working too hard and making too little money.

The bills barely get paid at the end of the month.

Your family needs you rested and relaxed at home more often.

You’ve tried online marketing with little to show for it.

You are not alone. There is a better way.

The Low Content - High Profit Book Course

Low – or even no – content books are a great way to get started in the self-publishing book industry.

Imagine creating a notebook where you literally provide a document with 100 unlined pages that people can write in. Just that, plus designing a cover. Nothing more needed.

Once you understand the process, you can easily create planners, calendars and schedulers and just about any other kind of book you can imagine.

These low content books require:

  1. 1
    NO special tech skills, writing ability or design expertise.
  2. 2
    ZERO paid advertising, marketing efforts or follow-up.
  3. 3
    NO up-front investment (unless you want to invest in special tools).

Best of all, you do not have to print and carry any inventory.

What You'll Learn

So, what we’re talking about here is low content books like diaries, planners, logbooks and journals. There are thousands upon thousands of niches available.

There are two critical things you need to do well:

Identify niches and keywords that have relatively high demand and low competition.

Create visually appealing book covers that gets clicked.

We’ll show you how to combine your ideas and keywords to find a great topic. Then teach you how to design your cover and pages and get published in no time at all. 

Multiple products can be created on Amazon very quickly with zero cost. Once you understand the power of keywords on Amazon, you can then profit from them!

Are you ready to escape working endless hours for less than you are worth?

Are you ready to create more time, more money, and more freedom to pursue the things you really care about?

Then come on in and learn about the profit potential of creating low content books.

Once you create and publish your book, you will have an income producing asset. It can pay you monthly for as long as your book is in demand.

Low content books published on Amazon are printed on demand and shipped straight to the customer. You will not have books stacked up in your closet or have to deal with shipping or return issues.

Does any of this sound like you today?

  • You see others making money online but don't know how to get started
  • You keep bouncing from one idea to the next – researching, researching, researching…
  • You might have tried making journals before but it just didn’t work for you
  • You just don't have the confidence to market and sell online
  • You are creative and want to find an avenue for your talent
  • You’re worried you will spend time on creating something that won't sell
  • Here’s how your life will change after the course:

  • You’ll have a clear system and plan in place to follow
  • You’ll know what to create and how to bring your idea to life
  • Your final product will be something people are searching for
  • Confidently creating products buyers can't wait to purchase
  • Running an online business allowing you to work anywhere and anytime
  • More time with family and friends
  • A growing and healthy bank account
  • Ability to build a side hustle and retire earlier (just like the course hosts did!)
  • Publish in a Day

    You can create an online journal or notebook today and have it earning money for you tomorrow!

    The Low Content – High Profit Course will give you:

    • How to start an online business with little or no upfront cost
    • Step-by-step, how-to video tutorials and supporting materials
    • Creating covers that stand out and capture interest
    • Keywords and other marketing advice
    • Getting your low content book online
    • Recommendations on how to keep growing your business

    The course is perfect if you want to create a low-maintenance passive income stream that requires little to no upfront investment or ongoing expenses.

    It can help you create a side income to reach a financial goal, such as paying off debt or saving for a down-payment. Maybe you are looking to build a vacation savings account, purchase a new car, or start a college tuition fund for yourself or your children.

    Maybe you want a sound financial cushion that helps you leave your job and grow your dream business?

    This can all be yours if you have the dedication and patience necessary to get started and stay at it.

    You can do it, even with limited funds and no graphic design or writing experience.

    What's Waiting For You

    Self-Publishing on Amazon KDP

    Amazon KDP 101 -> how, what and where.

    Generating Your Winning Low Content Idea

    Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

    Low Content Book Creation for Non-Designers

    Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

    Ready, Set, Publish... Confidently Publish Your First Low Content Book

    Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

    Wait, there's more... here's bonuses:


    How about networking with like-minded fellow publishers who know exactly what you are building and can support you all the way.


    Get access to our toolbox of tools we use daily in our publishing business.

    Done-For-You Planner

    Publish your first planner TODAY with out done-for-you planner template.

    Total value of $444!

    The contents in the Low Content – High Value course are priceless. Okay, maybe not priceless, but similar courses have sold for $197 and even $397 recently.

    These prices are not over the top, but we want to introduce this opportunity to anyone who deeply desires a life-changing and profitable experience.

    Get the Course Now!

    About The Course Teachers, Jet & Nina

    Yes, you get not just one teacher but TWO! How awesome is that :)

    We'll hold your hand in this new adventure and help you with every step. Jet's expertise is design, Nina's keywords so between the two of us we cover everything you need to know about KDP publishing. 

    On top of being teachers in the course, we are friends and digital nomads and met on a bus from Thailand to Laos many years ago.

    Here’s what people are saying about the course instructors

    It's nice to learn from someone who has actually done what they are teaching.


    This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use.


    Frequently asked questions

    When do I get access to the course content?

    Immediately after checkout!
    You'll receive an email with login details.

    Many students go throught the course and publish their first planner on the checkout day!

    What's the refund policy?

    Due to the nature of instantly available content, we can't offer a refund for this product.

    Can I really make money with Amazon KDP?

    Yes, absolutely! But just like any business, you need to learn the process first, then start scaling the business.

    What's the Template offer?

    You get 10 Done-For-You templates with FULL commercial rights aka you can use the templates in your Amazon KDP books. You can not resell the templates as PDFs but can upload to Amazon KDP without attribution to us.